Caterina Vianson



Caterina Vianson  (Genova, 24/06/1969) is a fashion designer graduated at IED Milano, specialized in printing and textile graphics.


Her youth training took place in some important textile companies in the Como area, allowing her to acquire a thorough knowledge of the fabric and its workings.


Later she consolidated her experience working directly for different luxury brands such as Saint Laurent, Valentino, Fendi and others. This allowed her a great versatility towards the customer, guaranteeing an accurate style in the quality and in the details.


Her consulting activity was mainly focused on the development of textile accessories and graphics for men's, women's and children's ready-to-wear collections.


Since 2016 she has decided to commit herself at the same time to his consulting activity, in the project of his own informal clothing brand, Whiteven. This experience allowed her a complete knowledge of the various working processes of the product, from the creation to the final sale.


Caterina Vianson is a fashion designer, specializing in print and graphics for textiles.